Apple iOS7.0.4 activation volume climbed, iOS8 have also emerged

Foreign technology website macrumors claims,jailbreak, according to their web logs, recently visited their networks iOS 7.0.4 system devices increase in number, indicating that Apple may soon launch this version.



▲ access macrumors recent surge of iOS 7.0.4 devices
iOS 7.0.4 system first appeared on October 22, the day Apple officially released iOS 7.0.3. In the next two weeks, iOS 7.0.4 activation was significantly increased, so far no indication that Apple will be officially released this version of the system, they do not provide developers with beta. But usually small iOS update does not provide beta.
Also, according to a website monitoring devices running iOS 7.1 has also appeared in many quantitative growth during October, early November has decreased slightly. iOS 7.1 should be a significantly updated, but the official launch may take some time.

▲ access macrumors of iOS 7.1 devices have increased but little
The device is also equipped with iOS 8, but the number is small. This version is no doubt still in very early stages of development, no accidents in the next year in June to meet with you.

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